Image library

You may only use the images from our library (on any printed media, on video/DVD or in films/television programmes, in electronic format and in adverts or commercials) under licence from us in accordance with the terms below.

Provided you comply with the following terms, no further express permission is required:

  • you may not use our trade names, logos, corporate name, images or other copyrighted material in a way that would indicate our endorsement, affiliation or sponsorship;
  • you may not disparage us or any of our trade names, people, products or stores in your use of our images or associated text or wording;
  • you may only use the whole image and you may not alter or use part of the images in any way except to resize to fit your needs;
  • you must include a copyright attribution which must state "Reprinted with permission from Dixons Retails plc".

You are only authorised to use images within the library in the above way. For all other images on the website you must first obtain express consent from us. You can request this consent by emailing