PC World and Currys feature exclusive new brands this Christmas

27 Jul 2010

This month sees the introduction of a new range home electronics brands, all available exclusively at Currys and PC World. Spanning basic utility products through to high end technology for the home, many of the products from these exciting new brands will be rolling out in-stores from August.

The ranges will span the household electrical appliance spectrum from kettles and toasters, to fridges, TVs and computing.
'Currys Essentials' is a brand which has been created specifically to offer a range of straightforward, no-nonsense, functional products at an unbeatable price. Whether it's an office worker in need of a kettle, a student heading off to university or home buyers looking to equip their first kitchen, the focus is on those important, simple, must-have appliances and electricals for the home. 

As well as small kitchen appliances, product ranges include a variety of larger kitchen items such as fridges, freezers, washing machines, and dishwashers, and a wide range of electrical accessories such as those all important cables.

'PC World Essentials' is a wide range of computing related products and accessories including cables and printing inks, USB sticks, mice and netbooks.

The 'Logik' range of products has been designed to be used everyday with an emphasis on reliability and efficiency. This collection of products offers a better value alternative to the major name brands without compromising on performance.

Products ranges include small screen televisions, DVDs, kettles, toasters and headphones and more.

'Advent' has been a feature computing brand in PC World stores for over 10 years and has a well established range of award winning technology including PCs, laptops and webcams.

This Christmas Advent is launching an industry first - a range of personalised laptop covers, enabling customers to select the picture of their choice to adorn their laptop – whether their child, their cat or their favourite band.

'Sandstrom'  is inspired by Scandinavian design and living and includes a wide range of products designed to combine aesthetics with performance. The range will compete with some of the higher-end consumer technology brands, offering simple, stylish, functional and ergonomically designed products without the big brand price tag.

Products include premium kitchen appliances such as a blender, kettle, toaster, microwave and dishwasher, as well as TVs and more.

GOJI is a design-led brand offering a range of smart and fashionable bags and storage for electronics on the move. A variety of products and designs will be introduced aimed at offering different styles to suit different tastes without losing its focus on fashion.

Products include computer bags and sleeves, camera cases, ipod cases, and headphones with more mobile gadgets and electronics to come. 

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