We want to minimise wastage and optimise efficiency. We are not a large scale manufacturer, but we do have a significant footprint and we are learning how to manage our impact in the best way possible. We continue to explore new technologies and advanced strategies to assist in our programme of energy reduction and through 2015/16, we made a considerable investment in new energy efficiency initiatives.

We take energy, carbon and waste management very seriously and comply with all EU and UK schemes in a bid to improve our impact on the environment. We continue to reduce energy consumption and optimise our energy usage across all our stores through fine adjustments to temperature setpoints, tuned heating and lighting strategies along with the installation of lighting controls. As an example, our self-financed Capital Expenditure program in 15/16 delivered energy efficiency projects that will save over 2,000 tonnes CO2 per year. We’ve also introduced roof-mounted Solar Photovoltaic (PV) installations at two large retail locations and continue our water leak detection program which highlights irregularities and ensures optimum efficiency.

Here are some examples of our projects:

  • LED Lighting is delivering excellent results through energy savings and improvements to our shopping environment and is the standard technology adopted in all new stores.
  • We are proud to be selected to participate in the Department of Energy & Climate Change’s Energy Demand Reduction for the second consecutive year which represents our largest investment in a single energy efficiency project to date.
  • We recycle the waste our stores create. Last year, 75% of material generated by our stores went to recycling schemes and not into landfill.
  • Our Take Back and Recycling service even lets customers recycle products they purchased elsewhere. We are keen to help customers to recycle as part of Europe’s Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment scheme.
  • We are implementing the exclusively green energy produced by hydropower and wind turbines across our sites in the Nordics. This will significantly reduce our impact.

Waste and recycling

We strive to deliver continuous improvements to our recycling and sustainability program. All recyclate from our stores is now backhauled to our national recycling facility at Newark. Across our Estate, our 18 Customer Service Centre depots have standardised equipment to deliver consistent grades of cardboard, plastic and expanded polystyrene to our recyclers in order to ensure we utilise the transport to a maximum and obtain the best value we can achieve for our material, our volumes increased by 126 tonnes on last year. Working with our recyclers we have been able to deliver to the hierarchy of waste requirements to provide single stream materials for recycling thus providing high quality raw materials into manufacturing processes preventing the need for further virgin materials to be purchased.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

We provide access for charities and reuse companies to our 16 CSC depots across the Estate where selected white goods units are picked for potential reuse. This year 67,000 units were reused in the third sector, providing local communities across the UK with affordable products. Alongside the social benefit, this initiative saved around 7,000 tonnes of carbon. For the 1.1 million units that cannot be re-used, which equates to around 55,000 tonnes, these are recycled and sorted into the various grades of metal / other materials to be manufactured into new products.